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Dr. David Levitt is the founder and lead engineer of Levity Novelty LLC. Levity Novelty LLC is a maker of magical software, focusing on motion and touch interfaces for the iPad, iPhone, and other iOS devices, including the best-selling iPad app Invisibility. Founding Director of BeYourGovernment.org. Filed on January 20, 2012 as candidate for US Senate from California in 2012. ReplaceCongress movement -- online launch in February, discussed on this radio program: On Justice Radio: Is Feinstein Finished? Jan 12, 2012 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/justicepartyusa/2012/01/12/is-feinstein-finished On Current TV's The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur at Occupy Wall Street 5 minute interview http://current.com/shows/the-young-turks/videos/the-young-turks-occupy-wall-street-electing-corporate-donation-free-candidates

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