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My grandmother was a Socialist. My grandfather was a Republican. My boyfriend-to-become-husband and I sat on the couch in 1980 as Reagan became president and could not believe our eyes. Despite Reagan's popularity I believe he is the one who started this country on a downhill slide. I volunteered for Udall, Carter, Clinton, Kerry and Obama. I am beyond frustrated at what I perceive as the wholesale hollowing out of the 99% of Americans by a tiny minority. I am in despair over Obama's failure to obtain substantive change. I am enthusiastic about the 99% movement and believe that we must OCCUPY our voting booth and make our government work for us by holding it accountable to the People. We must get the money OUT of politics and if candidates put up by the two main parties will not do it, sponsor our own candidates to run against them. The bargain has to be complete fidelity to their constituents. With the power of the internet we can police them as we never have before. I have joined my local Allentown Occupation and while not camping try to be there with my sign a couple days a week.

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